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​                             10 Wedding Makeup and Skincare Tips featured in "I DO" Magazine 

         Written by:  Angela Kaupe

  1. Foundation, powder, and concealer will help to ensure that your skin tone looks smooth and even.  Make sure your makeup matches your own skin tone as naturally as possible.  
  2. On your wedding day avoid frosted eyeliner or eye shadow. Create a mesmerizing eye!  Matte shadows, taupes and browns look best in your photos.
  3. Don’t forget water-proof mascara.  You don’t want black streaks running down your face.  Try a water resistant or water proof mascara that will nourish the lashes and last for hours.
  4. “For cheeks”, try a pretty pinky-plum color for a rosy glow. “For lips”, apply a neutral or rose tinted lip color and gloss.  Add some depth by adding a pink lip liner.  Perfect for a spring wedding.
  5. Eyebrows are often forgotten about.  Make an appointment to have your brows waxed and shaped 1-2 weeks before the big day.  On the day of the wedding use a brow pencil or shadow to enhance your shape and color so your brows will not get lost in your photos
  6.  For perfect skin, remember to exfoliate your entire body and face the week of your wedding by using a gentle gommage. Your skin will feel and look smoother.
  7.  To avoid puffy eyes on the day of your wedding, use an eye-cream the night before to reduce puffiness and dark circles and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.
  8.  Getting your skin ready for your wedding day is a process that takes months.  You want to begin as soon as three months before you wedding.  Begin by finding a spa or skincare facility that offers the perfect facial for your skin type.
  9.  Honeymooners don’t forget to pack your sun block! If you are going to be in the sun during your honeymoon, pack a sun block with a SPF of 15 or more.  This will block out any uva and uvb rays that cause sun damage and cancer to the skin.
  10.  Pamper yourself and prepare your skin for an all over spring and summer tan with a body bronzer glow. Find a spa or skincare facility who offers self tanners or a body glow treatment to enhance a deep dark color to your skin. 

If your skin is really dry, then follow these few steps :

When it comes to healthy winter skin there are several tips to try that will help with moisturizing and keeping your skin hydrated and glowing.  By following the steps below and your'e on the way to healthier, happier skin. 

1. Keep moisture in the air and invest in a humidifier.  
2. Limit hot showers and baths. 
3. Use a gentle, chemical free cleanser.
4. Upgrade your moisturizer and use it often. 
5. Moisturize frequently, especially your body. 

6. Exfoliate less frequently. 
7. Apply sunscreen — even on dull winter days.


“If your skin is really, really dry, then you certainly don’t exfoliate, but once a week." Skip the exfoliate brush and head for a more less aggressive cleanser to exfoliate with because your skin barrier is going to be a little bit compromised because of the dryness and the cold air.”

​"After you shower, I always recommend body oils. I really like coconut oil, because that can hydrate your skin and protect your barrier after a warm shower or bath."

"Not all skincare products are the same. When searching for the right skincare. Make sure to look for chemical free products. Chemicals can be harsh and abbrasive and more dryness can occur.  

Written by Angela Kaupe

How do I prepare my wedding skin?

Here are some tips to make sure your skin looks its best on your special day. When it comes to preparing for your wedding glow, there's no such thing as starting to soon. Follow these few tips to help prepare for the big day. 

1. Choosing the right skin treatment and products are very important prior to your wedding day. Seek an esthetician to help choose the correct facial and products for you skin type. Don't try new products without consulting your esthetician. 

2. Schedule your makeup consultation at least six month before your wedding day.  Be sure to consult with your makeup artist on your ideal makeup look and any skin sensitivity during your consult.

3. Plan one month before your wedding to exfoliate your body and moisture. Try to schedule a body scrub to prepare your skin for the wedding day and honeymoon.  

4. Start eating healthy antioxidants, drinking green tea, and schedule a detox wrap to increase energy and a glowing skin. 

5. To avoid any fake tan disasters on the big day, book yourself for an airbrush organic spray 2 weeks before to avoid any streaky patches or color. 

6.  Unfortunately, Stress can cause breakouts and skin irritations.  Planning a wedding can be stressful. Try and keep your stress levels under control by listening to relaxing music, take a warm bath and light a  lavendar candle, read a book, schedule a swedish massage, try stretching and deep breathing daily to balance your spirit, mind and body. ​



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