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How LipoLaser Works: The LipoLaser treatment can help to slim and contour the body without any incisions. The fully non-invasive procedure aids in the reduction of local fat deposits by shrinking the fatty cells down. Laser Lipo increases the permeability of the fatty cell membrane, so the liquid content travels into the interstitial. During the treatment, pads dotted with laser diodes are placed on or depending on the device, just above the skin. These laser diodes will penetrate the top layer of the skin to the subcutaneous layer where fats cells are found. Once the laser reaches this layer, it then impacts the fatty cell and allows it to shrink. To get started on your Lipolaser journey, please give us a call at 678.731.9611. 

 Body Contouring & LipoLaser Weight Loss

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Virtually anywhere there is excess fat such as: starting at $150 + We recommend a series of for the best results. 






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What Body Areas Can Be Treated with Laser Lipo?

Why Choose Laser Like Lipo Over Traditional Liposuction?

Here are some of the amazing advantages our clients can expect:

No Side Effects. Since this form of body contouring it's a non-invasive treatment, you won’t have side effects to deal with post procedure or any other treatment-related issues.

Immediate Results. Nothing can melt away your fat this quickly and this effectively that Laser Like Lipo treatment.

Affordability. Compared to traditional liposuction, medical weight loss, and surgery,  Lipo Laser is much more affordable.

Fat cells leaves the system naturally.  LipoLaser eliminates fat cells and then that leaves your system through your lymphatic system.

Permanent Results. The body has a finite number of fat cells. Less Invasive. 

Saves You Time &  Treatment takes about 1 hour per area. 


Mandatory water consumption: 1.5-2 liters of water per day throughout the slimming course. During this period, if the amount of water is conscientiously controlled, healthy water consumption becomes a habit and a person transitions their diet to be more beneficial. Consequently, decreasing of the amount of consumed food will positively contribute to the client's metabolism acceleration and weight loss goals.

2. Stabilization of dietary regime: During the slimming course, it is recommended eating lighter meals at frequent intervals rather than eating few heavy meals. This habit has positive effects on the client's body shape and overall health.

3. It's not recommended to eat carbs 2 hours before or 2 hours after the procedure.

4. Minimal physical activity during the day: steady cardio training or a 30- minute walk per day accelerates metabolism, helps reduce swelling, and provokes the quick excretion of cell dissolution products after laser lipo. This habit also restores muscle tone which impacts body contour and skin elasticity. Additionally, this is a great preventative measure against future swelling and cellulite.

5. Lymphatic massage: After every Laser Lipo procedure, it is crucial massage to stimulate your body with a lymphatic drainage massage. 


How soon will you see Lipo Laser results and how long do they last?

It takes time for your body time to adjust, so while you might see a difference in the first couple of sessions it takes a week or two, we recommend a healthy diet,
M'lis weight loss supplements, and drinking plenty of water. 

Does it hurt?
Absolutely not- this is why Lipo Laser is a safe alternative to liposuction.  As a matter of fact, there is no tissue that is damaged during this procedure. You will feel a slight warming sensation as the procedure is happening. It is very relaxing and feels like a heating pad being placed on your skin.


Level 1 - $400

If your goal is to detoxify, shed a few lbs. and boost your immune system, then this is the level for you.  The detox is the core and beginning of all the other weight loss levels.  Excellent as a quarterly maintenance detox.   You will need to purchase Lemons, pure maple syrup and distilled water (3-5 jugs recommended) for all programs. 

*1  M'lis total body cleanse

*2 LASERLIPO (any area)

*2 Lymphatic drainage massage

Level 2- $800

If your goal is weight loss, shed a few pounds ( 5-10 pds)  and boost your immune system, this level includes, M'lis  weight loss kit, M'lis cellulite contour cream. 

. 4  LASERLIPO (any area)

. 4  lymphatic drainage massage