Angela Michael Skincare|Spa |Wellness  offers top of the line manicure and pedicure polishes and services.  Our intimate and relaxing nail room is located in a quiet relaxing area designed to treat only one person at a time.  Our nail technician is qualified in spa pedicures, nail gel powder, foot stone massage and so much more.


We offer a variety of nail services. Including gels nails, manicures, chemical free powder and spa pedicures. All of our pedicures are performed in a spa bowl. This is the most sanitary way to have a pedicure. There are no unsanitary jets or pipes.  Our pedicure includes foot and nail care including callous removal and a skin nourishing masque and foot massage.

*​NAIL CARE ENHANCEMENTS on available during a nail care treatment only

*Anti-Aging Hand|Treatment| Natural Paraffin Hands Or Feet Intense Callus Remedy| French Polish Gel Polish Or Removal

​*Spa Pedicure

*Warm Stone Pedicure

​*Kids Services 

*Classic Manicure

*Gel + SNS Powder Polish



                                                                                                                MANICURE & PEDICURE ADD-ONS

                                                                                                                        PARAFFIN TREATMENT

                                                                                                                        WARM STONE MASSAGE

                                                                                                                COLLAGEN GLOVES OR SOCKS

                                                                                                                          EXTRA MASSAGE

                                                                                                               LAVENDER NECK & SHOULDER WRAP
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Nail Services 

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